Saturday, February 26, 2011

OK, Already...Y'all Are Right

OK. I have to concede that this latest snowfall, while very cold and unexpected, and potentially could freeze off my little baby pear blossoms, is beautiful. Especially today as the sun came out.

Maggie and Lulu are loving it.

Schnauzer fur snowballs. I had to wrap Lulu up in a towel and let her melt in front of the fireplace before nappy time on my bed.


sue said...

Snow is meant for kids and puppies. They both seem to have a blast playing in it.

Love the mountains near your house. When I lived in Quebec, we lived near a lovely ski hill. Now we live in an area where the highest elevation is a garbage dump they turned into a park with a very steep toboggan hill. When I see your pics it makes me somewhat home sick. They look so lovely covered in snow.

Amy Junod said...

What a breath taking view! So very pretty.
Loved the shot of fur snowballs too!