Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Still Hard To Do

I'm still showing up with some regularity at my community center to dutifully walk the track and pedal away on the exercise bikes. I have mixed feelings about my body's response to easing into an exercise routine..

There were times that I let myself do too much, and too soon. I crashed and burned - but for the most part, I understood why, and was able to dial back my routine while paying careful attention to my fatigue levels. As a result, lately I can complete a certain amount of exercise without finding myself completely fatigued, which is a very good thing, but the day after isn't without some uncomfortable after effects.

It goes something like this: I leave the center sweaty, but not dripping. My legs don't feel wobbly or aching. I congratulate myself enthusiastically. Sometimes I stop off to do a few minor errands on the way home. But that evening, and the following day, I feel as though I am running a temperature. I feel chilled, then hot. I shiver and have overall body-aches. I feel as though I'm just on the verge of some kind of flu or other infection.

I often feel this way, to a much lesser extent, on a day to day basis. It's the effects of an over-active immune system. But this feels different somehow. It's more intense and much more uncomfortable.

I wonder if this reaction will go away as I continue to exercise? Have any of you had the same weird experience?

My plan so far is to just carry on and observe. I'll keep y'all posted.

P.S. - Looks like I need to add some housekeeping to my exercise plan. Check out what I found when I took the pic of my shoes. You see the darndest things in photographs....


Granny said...

I recently found your blog and really enjoy it. Thank you.

I've been meaning to start the exercise bike for some time now - my doctor has been nagging me to start. Probably tomorrow?

I was interested in your comment about your chills-to-hot sensation. This happens to me every day, but I thought it was a reaction to Evoxac. Do you take it?

I'll see if it is more pronounced after I start my exercise biking.

annie said...

Hi Julia,

I can't comment on how I feel when exercising because, alas, I don't. However when I was exercising in the past, and I was ill and didn't know it yet, I had a difficult time as my muscles would feel like limp noodles and I would feel shaky all over.Often times, I would have trouble breathing while in a beginner's (so they said!)yoga class.

When doing physiotherapy, I was told that it didn't matter how fast my movements, but the important thing was to slowly build up the stamina, and to try doing some activity, even if it was just taking a walk.

I hear you on the cold/hot dilemma.Sometimes when trying to do something around the house, I start to pull a sweat (without the sweating)and feel itchy all over, and then I go so cold I'm wearing layers of clothing around the house and look like a bag lady.

In general, I've noticed that when I feel shaky and breathless, I am also experiencing really bad fatigue, and at this point, I don't do much exertion as I get worse. Good luck and I'm really impressed with your dedication.

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks for your comments, Annie and Granny - I don't take Evoxac, so I can't blame my shivers on it.

Annie - ah, don't be too impressed....remember I'm still being passed up by ladies pushing walkers and breathing from an oxygen tank... : )