Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Need A Therapy Horse!

Oh. My. Gosh.

Some of you may recall a post in which I talked about my pony King Boy from my childhood:

Dad said, "Well, got him in (a bitty town about 45 miles from Dad's farm). I had my eye on that little stallion for awhile and stopped at the owner's place while I was on my way through town. We dickered on the price for awhile and finally the guy said I could have him for a pretty low price, but only if I took him home that day. I was driving our car, that old Ford. I didn't want to drive all the way back home and get the truck, so I just put that pony in the back seat of the car."
In. The. Back. Seat. Of. The. CAR.
After I quit laughing hysterically, I asked, "So Dad - How did you get him INTO the car?"
"Aw, hell, wasn't anything to it. I just opened the door and he poked his nose in. I gave him a little kick in the ass and he was in there. He seemed to like it just fine. We talked all the way home. Took about an hour."

I really loved that pony. He and I were best friends for years and years and years....So I was all misty-eyed as I came across a National Geographic story about a miniature horse named Tater Tot. He's a dead ringer for King Boy - although quite a bit chubbier.

Tater Tot rides in a car too. And I'll bet the owner doesn't even have to kick him in the butt to get him to go in. Like his little non-skid hoof sockies?

He makes visits to nursing homes and hospitals. What a horse! I think that I need one, don't you? Can anyone think of a reason why a Sjoggie would benefit from a cuuuuuttttteeee little pony like this one?


annie said...

Sick people (actually everyone) benefits from animal therapy. There is nothing like unconditional love and comfort from a being that is non-judgemental and doesn't talk back.Although it would be difficult to house a little pony in the middle of the city, he's really cute.

Blogger Mama said...

I think if we all try hard enough that we can come up with a convincing reason for why you need a pony! lol

Amy Junod said...

That fella looks like he's gettin' lots of treats on his visits! (the pony, not the man)
Those socks are just the cutest!
What a great idea. I agree also- you need a pony.

Jenny P said...

Oh let's see here...as Annie mentioned, there are many studies about the wellbeing benefits of pets; with a pony like him you could attempt more physical fitness endeavors with less risk because he could shlep you home if you went overboard, saving you from potential disaster caused by attempting to drive home if a major fog or body-give-out sets in; you could hook their leashes to him and have him take the Schnauzers for their walks when you were unable; he will still function during bad weather that prevents driving, allowing you an option to reach those important doctor appointments, emergency trips, critical medicine refills, and life-saving chocolate runs! So you see, it would irresponsible for you to NOT have a pony! Be responsible, Julia!

Anonymous said...

I love it when JT tells me stories about you taking care of your pony growing up--painting it's toenails and braiding its hair!

And really, the schnauzers need a strong, calming influence in animal form...why not a pony?


Anonymous said...

That poor pony is morbidly obese. People just don't understand that mini ponies CANNOT just be fed until their hearts desire they actually have the same requirements as full grown horses. This is sad. Would be cute if the horse wasn't so sick.