Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Kind of Like This....

Are y'all ready for a shock?

After putting in my time on my exercise bike at the community center, and on my doctor's very strong suggestion that I exercise in water for my joints, I headed down to the locker room, put on a swimming suit and got INTO THE POOL.

Yes. That is indeed what I did. After spending almost all summer explaining why I really couldn't go swimming - the hassle of struggling into a spandex suit, showering before and after, changing back into my clothes and drying my hair, the energy drain of all that maneuvering....wah wah wah wah. Remember? Ah, geez.

So why the change of heart? And motivation?

It turns out that I am very easily shamed. Last week, I watched several people with far greater disabilities than mine get into the water. They didn't pitch a fit, they didn't appear to feel sorry for themselves, they were even smiling. They just got into the water. One woman in particular entered the pool area in her wheelchair and needed help in transferring, but she just got into the water.

I decided that I should quit whining and just get into the water. So I did. It was wonderful. The water temperature was just perfect - cool enough to feel refreshing yet not cold. I paddled around and then spent time just floating around on my back, relaxing.

I took some advice from some arthritis sites that I have been visiting, one in particular was the suggestion to wear a two-piece swimming suit, the idea being that it's easier to put two separate pieces on rather than one snug one. Whaddya know? It worked. I picked up a pair of swimming shorts and a blouson-style top. I put aside any illusions that I would look good - there isn't a suit out there that would do that - but it was comfortable and easy to put on.

I got out feeling soggy but refreshed, and took my time getting through the shower and dressed. As I drove home, I realized that the experience was something that I actually look forward to doing again, and soon.

Aside from having a pleasant swim, I also enjoyed observing my favorite group of pool enthusiasts - the senior water aerobics members. Mostly ladies in their '70s, I have mentioned them before for their antics in the locker room and their complete disregard for modesty as they parade around cracking jokes in their birthday suits.

Well, I got an opportunity to watch these girls wearing swimming suits and in action while in the pool, and I have to say......they are an impressive gang. I really, really want to be just like them when I grow up. They finished their class and then all piled into the generously sized hot tub, where they began haranguing the very attractive male life guards.

The poor guys were trying with absolutely no success to tell the girls that the pool needed to close for maintenance.

"Oh, honey. I am not going anywhere! You're going to have to come in and get me....hehe!"

After much good-natured cajoling, the girls headed out of the hot tub and squished their way to the locker room. I really hope that those nice young men were on a hazard pay scale, bless their hearts.

Here's another woman that I want to be like when I get to be her age. I believe she would fit in nicely with my local ladies pool gang:


annie said...

She's such a hoot, and so eloquent in her speech. Under the laughter, though,there's so much to think about the difficulties of aging and being alone.

Anonymous said...

You know Julia ? You gave me the desire to go to swimming pool again, I have not put a feet in a swimming pool sinc emore tahn a year. This ideapf a two part suit is great !
Thanks !