Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mission: Paint

Objective: To cover vertical surfaces of bonus room with paint. To avoid dripping, glopping, or spattering said paint on horizontal non-drywall surfaces such as carpet, furniture, schnauzers, and selves.

Terese and I are on the job. Yeaaahhh.

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Jenny P said...

Hysterical:) I have some clothes from when I helped paint my friend's room...she wanted a nuclear-ish yellowey-green color...which is now on the toe of my sneakers, sleeves of my shirt, and in a handprint on the backside of my jeans.

I expect nothing less of you two:) Pics from afterward, please (the room AND you guys)!

Oh speaking of pics...I have to see if you want in on my project w/VU. I know your camera is glued to your hand so I KNOW you must have some...:)