Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Think The Southwest Doesn't Like Me....

I am moving in extreme sloooooo-moooooo over the last few days.

John and I spent a few days in the sunny southwest visiting family and friends, what fun. It was a relaxing trip filled with lots of good food, laughter, and an adult beverage or two.

We arrived home on Monday evening, and I made the mistake of thinking, "Well. Came through that trip without any crash and burn episodes," and mentally patted myself on the back for.....I don't know what, but I felt like congratulating myself for something.

Then fell into bed for three days. Honestly, I still am struggling to remain upright for more than two hours, have acquired more new skin spots, and a few of my finger joints are swollen and hot and hurting.

It seems as though any time we visit the southwest, this is the result. Is it the sunshine? The dryness? What is it about Arizona and Nevada that causes me to flare? What is it? What? WHAT WHAT WHAT??

Couldn't possibly be the margaritas.

As always, I know that I'll survive, and that the experience was worth the flare that follows.

Heading back to bed. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......

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