Monday, January 10, 2011

I Love A Finished Project

Artsy-fartsy Greg made this schnauzer for us awhile back. It's going to be the pub's way cool logo. 

So the re-decorating project in the bonus room/Son's bedroom is now almost completed.

Jenny asked us for pictures of our clothing post-painting-project, but golly gee. This was one of those few times when I didn't photo document it all......however, perfectionistic Terese escaped with just a small paint smudge. Me? I dropped an entire roller-full of Valspar Dune down the front of my shirt. Of course.

We've debated endlessly over the new name for this room, and I think we've finally reached an agreement: it will now be called The Bearded Dog Pub. We name everything: cars, pianos, gnomes, storage sheds, and now.....a room, natch.

Cool, huh? Huh?

John and Greg and Terese and I hosted an informal pub grand opening last night. You'd think that after the hours and hours and sweat and toil that Terese put into painting that room, she'd just want to sit back and bask in the completed wall color.....but no. Of course the first thing she did was ask where the paint and brushes were so that she could do touch up stuff. Because she wanted this paint job to be absolutely perfect. Every drywall hole patched and painted, every square inch of wall evenly covered with paint. Pub perfection.

Good grief.

Notice the spot on the wall that's she's touching up with exceptional care and expertise. After which a few adult beverages were consumed and a dart game begun.

Guess who put the very first dart hole in the pristine wall??


The Dart Of Shame.

Better get that paint brush out again, Missy.


sue said...

We surrounded our dart board with cork board to avoid puncture holes in the dry wall. If your aim is as bad as mine you may want to consider that. !_!

Julia Oleinik said...

What a great idea. I'm thinking we'd better do the same thing or Terese will be fixing LOTS of punctures!