Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank You!

....For all the comments and emails regarding my mom. I appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts! Mom is stable and in good spirits. I can't tell you how much your warm messages mean to me. Bless you all!

I am currently waiting for my connecting flight into Minneapolis, where I hear that the high temperatures today are single digits.'s been many years since I've dealt with temps so frigid. So I dug out my trusty snow-boots, which haven't been worn I actually can't remember the last time that I wore them. I jammed my feet into those puppies at 5 AM this morning and headed out to the airport. By the time our flight hit Seattle, I realized that the sole of the left boot had completely separated from the rest of the boot.


What is it with me and traveling and SHOES??

You may recall that last year one of my shoes imploded, leaving piles of shredded black plastic all over a beautiful church. Oh, brother.

Lucky for me, today as soon as I disembarked into the Seattle airport, I walked directly past a Crocs shoe store! Woo!

I snagged a comfy leather pair of loafers and unceremoniously dumped the old boots into the nearest garbage can. So the journey continues, this leg of the trip with a new pair of shoes on board. Like my ugly green argyle wool socks? Interesting how my mind works during the wee hours of the morning while I'm preoccupied with other thoughts. I don't think I even looked at the pair the I dragged out of my sock drawer this morning. But at least my tootsies are warm and comfy.

I'm steeling myself for my reception when I arrive at Mom's hospital. I haven't told her that I am coming, since this knowledge would just add to her anxiety. She and Dad both love to have me visit, but they worry about the safety of air travel, and they'll both have to scold me for forking out for the airfare. I will tell them that I was able to use frequent flyer miles for a completely free ticket (true!) but they won't believe me. Ah, well. Too bad, so sad. After their comments, there will be lots of hugs all around.

I know that Mom is in good hands, receiving excellent care, and under the watchful eyes of my sisters, two of which are also RNs. But I'm making this trip for me. I need this.

Ready or not, Mom - here I come.


Anonymous said...

Watch out for turbulence.

sue said...

Sorry to hear about your mom but it sounds like she is in excellent hands. Have a safe trip and get a new pair of boots. My family will keep yours in our prayers.