Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

There is actually a county road underneath all this snow. My brother-in-law sent this picture today from the warmth of his tractor cab. 

On Friday, I was feeling kind of guilty for leaving Wisconsin a day early so that I could avoid the blizzard.

I'm totally over that now.

Actually, I'm really, really glad that I bugged out when I did, especially since Dad seems to be behaving himself and Mom is continuing to recover at an amazing pace. Today she tells me that she's up and around without assistance and has decided to assume the responsibility for taking care of the poinsettias scattered around the hospital unit.

"Poor things. Nobody has been watering them," she told me.

She also told me that the nurses on the unit have had to go looking for her to administer her medications since she's been hoofing it all over her hospital unit. She's been taking messages for her roommate and tidies up their room. Today she went to the patient therapy kitchen and cooked her own breakfast. "I just hate hospital oatmeal," she sniffed. "So I made some for myself."

Oh, yeah. My mom is definitely back. Just wait until she starts re-organizing their linen carts.

So about twelve hours after my plane took off for the Pacific Northwest, the blizzard hit with a vengeance. Check out this video of the collapse of the Metrodome in Minneapolis, just a bit north of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul airport. Wowsers.

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