Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleepytime Strategy

Sometimes, it's so hard for me to fall asleep. It seems that this happens when I am actually most tired, yet that little hamster wheel inside my brain just keeps spinning madly. Y'all know how that feels. It goes with the autoimmune territory, it seems.

So my latest strategy to stop the hamster wheel is to try to consciously think of something to displace those thoughts, which is what I tried to do last night. It went something along these lines:

Can't tired.....OK. I know what to do here. I need to calm my brain by thinking of something soothing, relaxing. Something Imagining myself stretched out on my beach blankie on a warm sunny beach? Nah. I'd need sunscreen and a giant hat and eww..who wants to get into a swimmingsuit....not me. Um. What else....I refuse to count sheep. Ah! I'm getting a massage at a posh resort. But....gee, that would mean I'd have to take off all my clothes and what if they give me a skimpy towel to cover everything up? Yikes. Er, let's try something else......Well, now. How about thinking about soaking in a nice warm bubblebath? Which reminds me, I really need to scrub out that tub and then tackle the shower....this is SO not working. Aaarrrggghh. 

How about this: Imagine myself tucked into a snug bed with warm flannel sheets, my hubby next to me and schnauzers snuggled by my feet....well, whaddya know. 

That's exactly where I am right now. ZZZzzzzzz.......

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sue said...

I gp to bed with a rest and relaxation cd playing, you know the ones with soft music and waves crashing in the background. Very helpful for me but drives my husband crazy. Works like a charm