Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Think She's Going to be a Good Friend...

Canon2, I mean. My new camera.

How do I know this?

It all started when Terese sent me a text the other day, which is not unusual.

Actually she texts pretty often, which is kind of fun. Mostly we send each other picture messages of the food that we are eating. Or the frozen foofy adult beverages that we are drinking.

So this text in particular said, can you see my hood? so I went out onto my front porch looked up and down the street for her car. I texted back ??????? and she replied MOUNT HOOD!

Oh, right. Well, duh, Terese. You know that I can see the mountain from my house...

So she replied, take a picture!!

Which I did from one of my second story windows using Canon2 and a telephoto lens. And wow. The mountain looked impressive with a thick layer of new snow and lit by filtered light from a high layer of clouds and a setting sun. Good idea, Terese.

I have to say Canon2 did a great job. I think we're going to get along just fine.


annie said...

What a beautiful picture this makes. Nature is truly awesome. BTW, loved the was very moving and uplifting.

Anonymous said...

You can see THIS from you window??? I'd never leave the window.
Glad you " frend", the new Canon is always at the ready!

Julia Oleinik said...

Well, yes...I can see Mount Hood from our house but for this shot I used a telephoto lens, so it's actually much smaller when viewed real-life. But it is a gorgeous sight.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing photo!