Monday, November 8, 2010

Heading North

I don't know why Goldie looks green in this picture. I told you I haven't figured out Canon2 yet....

Heading up north today to provide Mommy support as my daughter has her wisdom teeth removed. I know, I know.....she's in her '20s and perfectly capable of handling this, but dang it. I think I need to be there more than she needs for me to be there.

If that makes any sense at all.

My new camera has arrived, so Canon2 will get her first ride in Goldie! Yes, I've decided that this camera is a girl, unlike the original Canon. She's very sleek and made of black plastic. A bit smaller than Canon, but has some really fancy schmancy features. It will take me awhile to get her all figured out, but she's similar enough to her predecessor that it was easy to charge up the battery, throw in the card, and start snapping away.

Meet Canon2!

Would it be a bad thing to sneak in to get a photo of daughter during the procedure? Bwahahaha.

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