Thursday, October 14, 2010

Travel Duties


I'm home relatively unscathed from a week of traveling with Terese to the East coast, and now am planning yet another upcoming adventure next week in Philadelphia to film a dry mouth webinar for Wego Health.

Lucky for me, Terese has agreed to accompany me yet again, in spite of the fact that I have briefed her on her duties during said trip:
  • First and foremost, she is to be my STUPID shield. Meaning she's supposed to protect me from myself when travel brain fog sets in and my eyes glaze over, I begin to giggle, sweat, wander, and mumble. (Good luck with that one, buddy ol' pal.) 
  • Secondly, she is responsible to keep BICJ (Bratty Inner Child Julia) on a tight leash for the duration of the trip. This includes avoiding Philly steak sandwich, fudge, ice cream, and other diet-devastating food inhalation before filming commences. Additional BICJ behaviors to curtail may involve slugging down mango margaritas or any other alcoholic beverages immediately before said film shoot. 
  • Thirdly, Terese is to closely monitor me during the actual filming session with close attention paid to my tendency to goober food or beverages directly down the front of my clothing. This may be her most difficult challenge. I had significant issues with this in Vermont, but then I hadn't briefed her on her responsibilities at that point. I didn't hold it against her. See what a good friend I am? 
  • And speaking of the filming, we've already discussed the necessity of her doing an interpretive dance/mime activity directly in my line of vision when the camera is rolling which will allow me to avoid memorizing the script. Handy. I can't wait to see what her interpretation of the words cotton mouth will translate into. Oooo - and digestive problems
  • And finally, Terese will be responsible to help me avoid a re-occurence of my latest travel-related injury: camera arm. Yes, I actually have aching muscles in my shoulders and upper arms from TAKING 250 PICTURES OF LEAVES in Vermont. Not kidding here - I'm still popping ibuprofen. 
Wouldn't anyone jump at an opportunity to follow a confused and goobering sjoggie around Philadelphia?

No? Really??

Well, for goodness sakes, don't share your opinion with Terese. At least until we get back.

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Blogger Mama said...

I live about two hours from Philly. Needless to say, I have been there many times in my life. And I still get camera arm from all the pictures I take. Good luck with that goal! I really hope you can make it happen. And have fun with the movie! :o)