Monday, October 25, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

You can buy your very own Phillies coffee table book here. 

I had so many adventures in Philadelphia! I'm too tired tonight to relate them all, but I just have to comment on one of my favorites. Disregard any misspelled words or grammar errors here - Maggie is draped over my lap and Lulu is trying to sit on my head as I'm typing this while plopped on the couch. I guess the schnauzer sisters missed me while I was gone......

I have enjoyed corresponding with sjoggie Jenny Pettit, author of UII - Understanding Invisible Illnesses, for a few years now. She is an intelligent, articulate and enthusiastic young woman who juggles her significant autoimmune disease, career, marriage, volunteer work at her church, advocacy campaign for people with invisible illness in her workplace, and in her spare time? Writes a blog.

Yes, she is an over-achiever.

When I realized that I was traveling to Philly for the webinar project, AND that Jenny lives in Philadelphia, I was hopeful that we could arrange to meet in person. And we did! Jenny and her husband very generously offered to pick Terese and I up at our hotel.

It was easy to identify the attractive young lady that walked into our hotel lobby - we hugged, and began yakking immediately. It was great - after all of our message exchanges and reading each other's blogs, I felt as though we had known each other for years. The four of us spent the entire evening together and what a gift that time was.

Yes, we had many laughs and stories to exchange, but what was special for me was the opportunity to spend time with someone who, although is disgustingly much younger and far more attractive than I, actually shares many of my same circumstances.

And by the way? Jenny is FAR too modest. She claims not to be photogenic but is actually very lovely. (So there, Missy!) Just ask Terese or her husband.

We sjoggies know that any opportunity to spend time together is a rare opportunity. But to spend time with another sjoggie who also writes a blog about her experiences is even rarer. And is also a rabid baseball fan! We had a grand time comparing notes over a delicious dinner while watching a Phillies baseball game. Since my Seattle Mariners were not even close to being in the running for the World Series, it was easy to get caught up in the Phillies mania for the week that we were here. And I think that it's just a shame that they lost in such a close game......

So thanks a million, Jen, for taking time out of your busy busy life to spend an evening with me. This old sjoggie appreciates it far more than you can know.

And I'll betcha that the Phillies will win the Series next year.

You can read more from Jenny Pettit on her blog at UII.

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Jenny P said...

Oh Julia, you're too much.
I am immensely flattered by your lies - I mean, compliments. But alas, the camera doesn't lie, and I probably shouldn't show up on film altogether, it would save a lot of trouble.
I appologize for my 'disgusting' youth, but must point out that neither you nor Therese act all that mature - I mean, old;) I thought meeting you would be something like a glimpse of the future, but it was more like a glimpse of just a west-coast me:D
I'll be posting soon (I hope), but I definitely think you and Therese (oh what the heck, and maybe the men) need another trip to Philly sometime and when you do, sign me up!