Friday, October 1, 2010

Now Take A Big Breath And..........

So I had my pulmonary function tests today. Yep. Sat in what looked to me like a glass telephone booth for an hour or more and puffed away like crazy.

Exactly like this! Image found here

The technician coached me with every breath, and if I wouldn't have had my mouth stuffed with plastic and my nose pinched shut, I would have spent the whole time giggling. She jumped and gestured and waved and enthusiastically pantomimed every instruction to me. I simply had no choice but to huff and puff. Just call me the big bad wolf-ette.

When the test was completed and we both were recuperating, after mopping my face from the exertion, I asked her if my results looked normal. She said, "Well, I can't give you the results. Your doctor has to do that."

I looked expectantly at her and waited. I know how these things work.

"Well......and this is NOT giving you the results, mind you......but if you were to tell me that you were going to stay awake tonight worrying about your lung function, I would tell you that you should just go right to sleep." And then she winked.

My kind of gal.

Woo hoo! Happy lungs! Happy Julia!


annie said...

Funny you should talk about pulmonary function test....I had mine in June and just got the results. They forgot to do the methacholine test and now I have to go back to the hospital for this test and also for CT scan of the sinuses. It seems we spend our time going from doctor to doctor and test to test.

Glad to see you're doing much better. No matter what other problems there are, not being able to breathe is one of the scariest things to go through.

Robin said...

Great news - unofficially, of course.