Monday, October 4, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

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For the past few days, whenever I'm alone in the house or think that nobody is watching, I find myself standing in front of any mirror or any reflective surface while pasting a goofy smile on my face and saying, "Hello! I'm Julia, and I'm a health activist......oh, geez I sound stupid....." *pounds forehead with palm of hands*

So why am I repeating this unusual exercise?

A few months ago, I agreed to be part of a project by WEGO health and one of their sponsors. The goal of this project is to produce an online resource for patients with dry mouth and dry eye. I'll post the web address when it comes online. Maybe. If I don't look and sound really really stupid.

So far it's been an interesting project, having participated in several telephone conference type meetings discussing information, script etc etc etc. I'm excited at the prospect of heading over to Philadelphia to see it all come together.

Terese has agreed to come along to do two things: first, to help me maneuver through a new airport and city should brain fog render me completely useless, and secondly, to try to keep Bratty Inner Child Julia contained. Several reliable sources have informed me of the delicious cheese steak and ice cream that is everywhere in Philly. Mmmmmm.... BICJ is already frothing at the mouth. Steady, girl.


The date to actually film this webinar is approaching far too quickly, and since I have (foolishly) agreed to appear on-camera, a bit of panic is setting in.

Hm. I have about two weeks. I should be able to diet my way down at least five sizes by then, dontcha think? And have a face-lift? Ooo - and liposuction? I wonder if I should dye my hair......think I'd look better on camera as a blonde?

This will be interesting. I'll keep y'all posted.

In the meantime, Vermont awaits! Terese and I leave on our Leaf Tour tomorrow! It's a good thing that I'm feeling so much better. I've got a busy month ahead of me. I'm trying to focus on planning specific rest times and pacing myself so that hopefully I won't crash and burn.

I'm bringing my trusty Cannon Rebel along, and will post photos when I can.

Oh, Mr. DeMille? I'm ready for my closeup...........wait, maybe not.


annie said...

I'm sure you'll do a great job, Julia. They picked someone who knows the illness well and will be able to talk about it, script or no script. Again, enjoy Vermont.

Jenny P said...

You know I'm excited for you and think you'll be wonderful and impressive in every way. So, I'd just like to add that IF you for SOME reason didn't appear as a full Hollywood Startlet...maybe that's a good thing. Let the world see a REAL Sjoggie! We all complain about RA commercials showing women who aren't patients...good for you going out there as who you are and what ravages the disease MAY have taken. Take a hint from Lisa Copen - if she can make a movie about Moonface, you can be a real, middle aged, Sjogren's woman:) The truth may be ugly sometimes, but its impact is always beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will produce a helpful resource. I'd be a lot more interested if the drug were available in Canada. However I hear they have no interest in trying to get it approved here