Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everyone Has Their Limits

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As Terese and I rambled through the state of Vermont last week, we had the opportunity to enjoy so many things: time with Terese's family, awesome fall colors, and interesting historical remains of places and events.

We also had several chances to do some serious people-watching. Great fun.

My favorite observation took place in a cozy restaurant, or as we midwesterners used to call a supper club. Here in the Pacific northwest, folks just don't seem to use that term, but back where I grew up, a supper club was a folksy restaurant usually situated somewhere near a lake or other scenic area, featured steaks, iceberg lettuce drizzled with thousand island dressing, and always a Friday night fish fry. And had a fully stocked bar and employed a bartender that knew how to whip up an excellent brandy old fashioned - sweet.

But I digress.

So we were finishing up our tasty dinner just as a foursome was seated at the table next to ours. They were two couples and all seemed to be in their early seventies or so. As they settled into their chairs, a lively conversation ensued which was quite interesting.

And before anyone accuses me of eavesdropping, I want to point out here that everyone in the large restaurant could have easily heard exactly what Terese and I heard. I'm thinking that there was a serious need for hearing aids for all four of these folks. Just sayin'.

So the most vocal of the group was a .... um..... pleasantly plump lady. She leaned forward in her chair and planted her elbows firmly in front of her as she made the observation, "Well. Our first whole day of vacation and we haven't killed each other yet!"

The others chuckled and the gentlemen pushed their chairs away from the table as they headed toward the salad bar.

She directed her next comments to the other remaining lady, "So I wonder how it's going to go with all of us sharing one hotel room."

Terese and I exchanged grins. This was going to be good. We just knew it. And sure enough - here it came:

Pleasantly Plump Lady proclaimed: "I just want to say right now, that there's a few rules here. I don't mind snoring. I don't mind if everybody has to get up to go to the potty a million times."

Dramatic pause.

"But I don't do SINGING!"

We looked at each other, giggling. Did we hear that right? Yep, we did.

"NO SINGING! That's where I draw the line!"

We collapsed onto the table, snorting into our napkins with laughter.

Singing? Singing? Can you just imagine this foursome in a Holiday Inn somewhere - snoring loudly and making frequent trips to the bathroom - and in the middle of the night one of them begins singing with gusto - Swanee River perhaps??

And then a brawl erupts as Pleasantly Plump Lady begins slugging?

Ahhh. People are so entertaining. Life is so good.

Want to read more about REAL midwestern-style brandy old fashioneds? Dive into this really great post found on Off The Presses. Gotta get me some Korbel and maraschino cherries....

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