Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Gathering Storm

Listen. Can you hear that? If you're within a hundred mile radius or so of me, it's hard to miss.

Yep. I'm still coughing. Less, but still....

I think I've chugged every flavor of cough syrup currently marketed in the US, and have consumed a truckload of menthol cough drops. And by the way? All those cough drops labeled euphemistically as citrus or honey or wild cherry or eucalyptus are simply menthol with a hint of another flavor. Bleah. I've used up an entire inhaler canister - a first for me - and am still popping antibiotics. With another follow-up exam coming up soon with my doctor, I know that the end of the cough is inevitable, but can't come soon enough.

Thanks for your best wishes, guys.

My biggest concern with this latest health challenge isn't that it will be conquered. Nah. This too, shall pass.

No, I'm increasingly worried about another facet of Julia that has been quiet through this experience. Waaaay too quiet. Docile. And come to think of it, totally missing in action.


My Bratty Inner Child Julia that we all know and would usually take complete advantage of a situation like this. A situation when I feel crummy. One that just screams for pampering and milk shakes and fizzy sodas and chocolate. Pounds and pounds of chocolate. I'm shocked that BICJ hasn't made at least two flying trips in Goldie to drive through the Krispy Kreme donut shop for purely medicinal purposes. While in her jammies.

It may be just asking for trouble to even take note of the fact that this hasn't happened yet, and I have a sinking sensation that I'm opening up Pandora's box simply by writing this post, but I am flummoxed by her absence. So far, yeah, there's been a few indulgences, like the occasional half cup serving of raspberry sorbet...mmmmm.....and hot chocolate and lots of tea. But a completely wild-eyed BICJ intent on complete dietary disaster hasn't shown up.


I wonder where she is? Is it possible that she' creating havoc elsewhere? Gosh, of course not. Let's not get ridiculous here, honestly.

But still....

I wouldn't make this bizarre hypothesis except for the fact that I have been watching the Weather Channel occasionally over the past few days and have watched the latest string of hurricanes and tropical storms marching their way across the oceans.

It seems next in line to hit the Americas is Hurricane Igor. He's a category 4 already and has sustained winds of 135.

Hm. If we look further out, what's next? Oh, man! I knew it! There she is!

Hurricane Julia.

You can watch Julia's progress here, on the National Hurricane Center site.

Ah, geez. I wonder if NOAH realizes what they're in for. I'll bet I can predict what course she'll take - she'll make a beeline for the nearest Dairy Queen and a Butterfinger blizzard. Batten down the hatches, folks.

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