Monday, September 20, 2010

The Flu Hates Humidifiers

Anyone want to guess what this image is? Anyone? It's a scientifically correct crocheted version of an influenza virus by artist Laura Splan. No kidding. Read more here

We Sjoggies know the value of a humidifier and what soothing moisture can do for dry eyes, mouths, lungs and lips. It turns out that there may be other very good reasons to run a humidifier in our homes especially as flu season looms.

Doc Gurley has written an excellent post which mentions the effectiveness of high humidity in reducing the transmission of flu. The topic of her post is seasonal flu and contains lots of very interesting and useful strategies to avoid succumbing to this year's variety.

Here's her take on the animal model used to obtain this latest data:

.....someone read an ancient (yes, 1919!) article that mentioned the fact that guinea pigs caught the flu during the pandemic of 1918. Which makes you wonder, doesn’t it? When they were searching for an animal species to be a scientific guinea pig, how is it no one [wait for the thought here, people, I know it's a shocker] tried actual guinea pigs? Somehow, it appears no one did. Until now. Suddenly, I’m embarrassed for scientists everywhere. But let’s just ignore the 91-year delay, and move on to what scientists have since learned........

Check it out.

You can read more about atmospheric humidity and flu virus transmission here and here.

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annie said...

I need to buy a humidifier before the winter as I had trouble last year with dryness and coughing. There are many humidifiers on the market. Is there a humidifier that is more efficient or better for us to use? What are we looking for in a humidifier? BTW, it's a beautiful crochet version of a virus...who would have thought that something so nasty could be so pretty to look at.