Saturday, August 7, 2010

Um. Can We Talk Later? Kind of Busy Right Now.....

The bride wants me to incorporate this pretty ribbon on her cake. 
Note the small brown knife - it's my secret weapon. This little beauty has been with me for about twenty years and IT CAN DO ANYTHING. 

I'm covered in frosting and ribbon. Every surface of my house is coated with a sticky sugary meringue. But I mean that in the best possible way.

Not a good time to be writing a post, I'm afeared. Will put up some cake pictures if no disasters ensue.

May the wedding cake forces be with me.


annie said...


Hope everything turns out well. You've given us tantalising glimpses of your delectable cake ingredients, hope you have a picture of the finished product for us to drool over. Have fun.

sue said...

We have the same little brown knife. Its really old but it cuts just as well as the day my mother in law bought it years ago. Good luck with the wedding cake. You are very brave to take that on.