Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Take Five

So, if my body's response to autoimmune disease were predictable and logical, I should be feeling like crap after the last few days. I have been eating nothing but restaurant food and junk food and gulping down sugary sodas. I haven't taken a nap in days and have been staying up late.


I feel good. Better than good. And I'm feeling a little suspicious. What is this old carcass of mine up to? Is my BICJ - bratty inner child Julia - running amok again? Energy! Woo hoo! I'm going to rip around and spend it ALL! Right now! Can't catch me! Nanner nanner! Pfffttthhhht!

Hmmm. This attitude is remarkably similar to BICJ's opinion of money.

Well, regardless of the source, I know after too many years of experience that this energy spurt is inevitably too good to last. I will without a doubt enjoy it while it's around, even though I'm puzzled why a stretch of completely disregarding healthy habits has preceded this. But I also know that if I listen to BICJ and spend it all in a day or two that I will pay big time eventually. I can't afford to make that payment this week with the aforementioned  wedding cake due by Saturday morning at 10 AM.

Yo! BICJ! Put down the Pepsi and grab some ice water. Sit. SIT!!

Good girl.


Anonymous said...

Isn't life funny and ironic that way....most times when you follow a strict regimen, you still get sick. At other times,when you're waiting for the axe to fall, nothing happens. Maybe your mind/body are working together because they know you need all that extra energy to make that fabulous yummy wedding cake, which sounds mouth-watering,by the way.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy it as long at it last !! You can always sleep and comatose another day.