Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Going To Start Counting Them

I thought two baby octopus sightings on a dinner plate in one summer was plenty.

Apparently, two isn't enough.

John and I went out for lunch today at a Chinese restaurant. We ordered Happy Family Yuk - a mixture of various seafood, chicken and beef with seasonal vegetables. Yum.

I was eating with gusto until........(imagine ominous music here)....duh duh DUH!!!

Another tentacle sighting. Bleah. Blindsided. I was so NOT prepared for another octopi infested dish.

Maybe instead of actively avoiding these things, I should start counting them. I think I'll try to figure out how to put up a slide show on my sidebar.....

Check it out. It's labeled Tentacle Ticker, and I'll keep adding pictures if I'm unfortunate enough to continued to be served them.

Oh - hey! Will you send your octopus sightings to me? I'll add them to the slide show!


sue said...

Do grocery stores count because they had them at the fresh fish counter. They are neat to watch when they are alive but I don't like to see them dead, especially on my dinner plate.

stephanie said...

So, Julia, I don't remember you mentioning it before, but have you actually tried eating the little buggers? Honestly, I wouldn't steer you wrong; they're yummy. Maybe if you try them now and then, and igntore the thought, you'll discover you really love them! I know I do.

Julia Oleinik said...

Sue - yes, definitely fresh counts. Send me a pic!

Stephanie - John says they're yummy too. But I.....I can't get past the whole tentacle thing. Maybe if I was blindfolded.......