Friday, August 20, 2010

Cough Hack Remedy

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Verrry Interestink.

Remember those old Laugh-In shows? Sure. You young people can snicker all you want at we old fogies. But that was darned good humor, so there.

Anyway, in my truckload of prednisone/codeine cough syrup/albuterol little world today, I find myself muttering Arte Johnson's famous phrase as I am observing my body's reaction to this particular batch of pharmaceuticals added to my asthma. Or whatever the heck this is.

I looked for a YouTube of Arte actually saying his line, but it isn't out there in video form. I did find a recording of him saying it on a little 45 rpm record. Yeah, yeah. I'm old enough to remember the vinyl days.Yuk it up, you young punks. But listen to it - I double dog dare you not to laugh.

*cough* *hack*

So my point here is, um, what was it again.....oh yes. My point is that my old bod hasn't been subjected to this particular concoction of medications before and that IS verrrryyyy interestink.

I find myself feeling hopped up by all this prednisone - both pill form and inhaled - and albuterol. Kind of boing boing-y. As long as I am limiting my physical activity, I feel boing boing-y and antsy, but my cough is much much better.

But - when I actually physically boing boing around, my chest tightens up and my cough and hack come back. Which, in a way, maybe isn't such a bad thing since now I am actually seeing what was stuck way down there in my lungs over the last week...ew.....

So. Usually when I'm on this much prednisone, I would have eaten so much chocolate cake that I'd have frosting stuck in my ears. From planting my face directly into the cake. But - getting up and baking a cake and icing it or going somewhere and getting one sets me off into one of those nasty cough hack sessions.

Verrrry interestink. This combo of meds and asthma turns out to be an effective chocolate-cake limiting factor.

I'm forced to calm my carb cravings by whatever food is handy. So far, this has been organic corn chips and spelt bread. Which is not something that I would gorge on, even spurred on by prednisone. I specifically told John not to bring home any chocolate cake. Even though I really really really want him he did buy some very nice grapes.


Sigh. Interesting.

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annie said...

Julia, why don't you just have some dark chocolate? It usually curbs the cravings for me, and it's good for you!!!
Alas, I also remember Laugh-In.I also loved the Carol Burnett Show. We were spoiled with the many wonderful TV shows that are no longer around to entertain us and make us laugh. Ah, the good old days.