Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Faces and No Baby Sea Creatures On My Plate

Sigh. My family members are adventurous diners. Me? Not so much.

So today, John and Daughter wanted to have an early lunch somewhere new and different. We took a chance on an interesting little restaurant tucked away in a very old brick building. Their menu looked enticing with a zillion different sandwich choices and - oh my gosh - a polenta and cheese dish. My mouth was watering as I ordered my wheat-free yet cheesy and flavorful corn-y entree.

John said, "Let's try an appetizer. How about their sampler platter?" I agreed while happily crunching away on nuggets of raw organic sugar from the condiment tray.

The platter arrived. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Here it was yet again - a restaurant item with EYES and a FACE and thus COMPLETELY INEDIBLE.

I couldn't take my eyes off this purple creature as our waitress pointed out the items on the tray with an indifferent sweep of her hand. "Ok. Here we have the olive tamponade, the hummus, gherkins, and the toasted sourdough slices, and the artichoke hearts.....and a pickled baby octopus....."

Um. Excuse me? A BABY octopus?? PICKLED??


It was all I could do to keep myself from running screaming from the table. (Also, I had notice that there was a little fudge shop next door. Handy. And seemed more appetizing than a baby sea creature.) But somehow, I remained in my chair and watched John finish off the rest of the poor little thing with a relish. He smacked his lips and declared it delicious. My daughter agreed.

I have long since become accustomed to John's um, unusual food choices, but my daughter? Where did my little Kraft mac 'n cheese loving little girl go? Who turned her into this culinary monster?

I'm blaming John for this. My sweet girl certainly didn't get her baby octopus eating tendencies from MY side of the family.


LaToya said...

i can eat a lot of things, but something about eating a baby octopus disturbs me.

probably only because it was whole...

just look at it lol

annie said...

Julia, I think the chef knew you were dining at his restaurant and prepared the special platter just for you. NOT!!! I've eaten grilled octopus, but only the tentacles were cooked and eaten, but a baby octopus? I wouldn't have been able to eat that, either (or look at it).I'm guessing you're going to have to get more details about your food before actually ordering it as you seem to get many surprises on your table !

Anonymous said...

Seriously, how does this happen to you? I never get these sorts of experiences (THANK GOODNESS)....