Saturday, July 31, 2010


Terese asked me to go on a walk with her yesterday. We hiked on top of an earthen dike built to protect low-lying areas along the Columbia river. Perfect day - partly cloudy and cool temps. The path was almost level and ran right along the edge of the river. As we strolled along past the beautiful water I wished that I had brought my "real" camera along, even though I had my phone and it's camera. 

When we reached our turn-around point, I remembered what this area is historically known for - the place where Louis and Clark made an overnight stay on their famous journey out to the ocean. If I recall this correctly, the guys weren't very happy with their stay here. It seems that they were suffering from difficulties, and didn't appreciate the late fall rains that had begun. 

Too bad they didn't time their trip so that they could have enjoyed one of our beautiful summer days. 

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