Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Buh - Bye, Bread.........

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We had dinner at an absolutely wonderful little Italian restaurant the other night. While scanning the menu, one of our dinner partners pointed out the gluten-free options to me.

"Oh, well.....ever since my prednisone was increased I can eat as much wheat as I want!" I blithely commented. And proceeded to order gnocchi, breaded razor clams, and to filch generous amounts of John's ravioli while crunching wonderful toast crisps laden with local cheeses. After which I polished off an absolutely fabulous cannoli.

Later, as we were zipping along on the freeway heading home, John rolled down all four windows of the car, and carefully commented, "I thought you could tolerate wheat while you are on prednisone....."

What? I yelled. I can't hear you! It's really noisy here with all the windows open!

He rolled up the windows halfway. "Jul. Honey. About the wheat and prednisone thing. I don't think you're tolerating it as well as you think you do."

Hm. I gave it some thought. I had to acknowledge that I was indeed a little more......er......gaseous ever since I had lifted my wheat ban. But...but....I did tolerate wheat far better when on prednisone. I never had to leave the dinner table and run like heck to the bathroom. If you get my drift.

"Babe. A LITTLE? A LITTLE more gassy??"

Well. That's not really a big problem, is it?

"I know that your sense of smell is bad. Trust me on this one."

Dang. So it was noticeable that every time I giggled or laughed or did just about anything I let one slip. Rats. It appears that my wheat binge has got to come to a screeching halt, even on prednisone.

See what a good wife/friend I am? No wheat. Bummer.

You can read more about wheat intolerances, celiac disease, and autoimmune disease here.

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annie said...

I envy you your tolerance of fried foods, wheaty foods, cheese, and especially cannoli. These are all foods that I no longer eat. Unfortunately, thanks to sjogren's, my gut is so fragile, I only tolerate certain foods and only when prepared simply. I hope everything tasted good and you savored every morsel!