Friday, June 25, 2010

Smooth Breakfast

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Where have smoothies been for my entire life???

I have been looking for a healthy breakfast food that doesn't involve opening a box and pouring dry flakes into a bowl. Or breaking eggs. Or baking of any kind.

Further evidence of my lazybutt tendencies.

It's a sunny warm morning, so I decided to get creative and make a cool and fruity breakfast. Now, I know smoothies for breakfast have been around forever. But since this delightful morning treat has somehow escaped my attention, for me it's a real revelation. An amazing new culinary creation.

I filled a mini-blender container about half full of my latest food obsession - frozen mango chunks. I blobbed in about a third of a cup of organic vanilla yogurt. Then added organic orange juice. I resisted putting in the margarita mix that was in the refrigerator sitting tantalizingly close to the orange juice........mmmmmmmango margaritas.......mmmmmm. But at 8:00 AM? Nah.

After a few minutes of blending, I had a yummy mango yogurt orange smoothie, almost the consistency of frozen yogurt soft-serve.

There's got to be something wrong with this. It's too delicious and tangy and yummy.

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