Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!

Image by Turek

We now return to the previously scheduled broadcast.

Back online. Ahhh.......

Last weekend, John and I took a few days to visit the sunny southwest, which was indeed sunny and hot. What a welcome change from the clouds and rain here. Unfortunately, our hotel didn't provide the internet capabilities as promised so I was unable to post on Reasonably Well.

But maybe this was a good thing, actually. John and I both wanted a change of scenery for the weekend - John to focus on something other than work, and I to focus my eyeballs on something other than the Times font on my computer.

Well, there you go. The internet scarcity delivered those changes big time. John couldn't check his work email and I couldn't spend hours looking at goofy pictures of kitty cats and doggies on Cute Overload.

Although it was a great getaway, as y'all know vacations cost every Sjoggie more than the price of an airline ticket, so I'm off to pay my dues. Gotta reload my energy batteries with some serious sleep.

See you tomorrow.

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