Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unexpected Fun

Last night, Terese and I attended a concert by the Yale Spizzwinks(?) on their summer tour. They conducted a workshop and then sang a concert in our local high school. I made a last minute decision to go, but I'm glad that I got a chance to hear them before they head up to Vancouver, BC, and then on to Singapore.

These young men really are as talented as this promo for their Cause For Alarm CD demonstrates. With only their voices, a microphone, and a pitch pipe, these guys crank out amazing tight harmonies sung a cappella. Their vocal skills, good looks, and wit had every teen-aged girl swooning within the city limits.

Not Terese and me, though. We've matured beyond swooning. At our age, we're all about taking action.

We trampled at least twenty of those lightweight girls as we muscled our way to the front of the line to meet the guys after the concert.


Anonymous said...

I also ADORE men's voices in close harmony. Have you ever seen or heard
Chanticleer? They are wonderful. My daughter attends Univ. of Rochester
where members of the several groups are considered to be SuperJocks! They
are the campus BMOCs. (I'm so glad my Penni goes to a school where singing
is more important than football!)

Julia Oleinik said...

I haven't been able to hear Chanticleer in person, but I love love love their CDs. Especially their Christmas ones.