Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time To Make More Bubbles

I reached for a bar of soap this morning, and realized with a shock that my supply of home made soap is running low.


I can't believe that we've actually used up three batches of soap. And want more.

Well, except for the coffee hand soap. The recipe showed a picture of a beautiful bar, promised that the soap would smell like a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and when used would remove cooking odors such as onions from your hands. It could be that I made some kind of error, but my soap looked downright ugly. And left a brown chunky slimy ooze on everything. Not exactly the effect I was going for...

But the other batches resulted in bars that provided creamy, bubbly lather and were made from organic fats/oils and scents. I wonder if I should be all boring and unadventurous and follow the recipes that I have already tried for my next effort?

Gee, guess that would be boring and unadventurous. Maybe not.

Well, then. Time to start searching through soap recipes and running them through the lye calculator.

As you can see, I keep all my soap ingredients in a pile of junk in the garage  a carefully climate controlled storage area.

Lemongrass, Green Tea and Oatmeal soap? mmmmm.......wonder if that one would just tempt me to take a chomp out of the bar of soap during my shower.....although this one looks very promising.

Oh, wow. This one looks intriguing. It's called Hey Banane!  I wonder what benefits a banana brings to the soap qualities? Seriously. Anyone know?

You can read the recipe here, which really does called for a mashed whole banana.

How do like this one? A soapy cupcake. It's scented with strawberry and cream cheese fragrance oils. I think it's too cute to actually use.

You can read the recipe and view step by step instructions here.

Ahh. I can see there is much more research to be done here, and I'd better get going on it since soap needs to cure for at least a month. I wouldn't want to *gasp* actually have to buy a commercially made bar.

I love a quest.

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Anonymous said...

I am lazy; I pay other people for soap (but I buy the hand-crafted stuff, because it's so much nicer).

Those cupcake soaps look SO GORGEOUS. I'd be terrified to have them in my home; a certain darling little boy would doubtless find them lovely too. And tempting.