Saturday, May 8, 2010

Swinging Into Mother's Day Weekend

John and I have developed a great method for buying gifts meant for each other. My Mother's Day gift from John illustrates this method perfectly:

Julia: Hey, sweetie - I found my Mother's Day gift! It's a great hammock-style outdoor chair!

John: *peers over the top of his glasses to view website*

Julia: It's perfect!

John: Looks great, hon. Order up one for yourself. Happy Mother's Day. *smooch*

Julia: Thanks, babe! *begins clicking away madly*

John: Hey! Do you actually have our credit card number memorized? With the expiration date and security code? You do! You actually do!

Julia: Sweetheart. You say that like it's a bad thing.

So my hammock swing arrived this week and I have to say that I chose wisely. It's wonderful. Made of heavy duty cotton cord woven into a generously sized chair, I lie in it and feel marvelously cradled and all floaty-like. The sensation reminds me of those wonderful hours that I spent in my youth bobbing in a lake.

John hung it in a shaded place, so I will be able to swing regardless of the sunshine status. Check out the cool tassel thing going on.

Sooooooo comfy. Oh, Jeeves! One tall freshly squeezed lemonade, if you please........

It's a perfect place to look at cool stuff like this:

And my baby pink dogwood tree, (thanks, Terese and Greg!) who is happier than I have ever seen him:

I think this spring and summer is shaping up nicely. Thanks a billion, my sweetie-beetie. Mah sugah-boogah. My hunner-bunner. Mah hubber-bubber.


annie said...

Ah...a little sunshine,light tropical breeze and a comfy hammock to wile away the time, surrounded by beautiful greenery. All you need is that tropical drink, and you're set!! Happy Mother's Day, Julia. Hope the weather in your part of the world is warmer than where I am....BRRR it's cold today.

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks, Annie! Happy Mother's day to you, too!