Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Autoimmunity Medical Journal

It's indisputable: autoimmune disease desperately needs more research, and more awareness within both the healthcare practitioner and public arena. So the announcement yesterday of the launch of a new publication entitled Autoimmunity Highlights is good news. This from Medical News Today:
Springer is launching a new journal Autoimmunity Highlights, an independent, international, peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers related to the diverse aspects of autoimmunity, and seeks to be a bridge between the clinic, the laboratory and the specialists who are involved in the complex world of autoimmunity diagnosis. The journal focuses on pathogenesis, immunology, genetics, molecular biology, diagnostic auto-antibody tests, epidemiology, pathophysiology and the treatment of autoimmune diseases.......Springer Executive Editor of Medicine Journals in Italy, Carlotta d'Imporzano, said, "Autoimmune diseases can affect any part of the body, and have clinical manifestations that make diagnosis an extremely difficult task. Because this discipline is rapidly growing in relevance, this is the perfect time for the launch of the new journal Autoimmunity Highlights.

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Anonymous said...

That's great ! Is it a journal for professional or for everyone ?