Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yes, You Have To Take Your Medicine

Blech. Pills, pills, pills.

I know that my meds are necessary, and that I would probably feel a whole lot more crummy if I didn't take them. But most mornings as I eye that colorful stack of tablets and capsules and gelatin fish oil footballs, I just really really don't want to take 'em all.

As is often the case, whenever I'm presented with a task that requires some measure of self-discipline or minimal exertion, my BICJ - bratty inner child Julia - illogically and stubbornly digs in her heels. This morning, she decided not to take her daily medications.

Nuh uh. No way. *mouth clamped shut and arms folded defiantly* Mmm nnt gnnna tk mm!!!

Unlike exercising regularly or dieting, this particular issue is resolved fairly easily by finding a tempting beverage with which to wash 'em down. It's just exasperating to fight this little battle with myself every morning.

Please, please tell me that I'm not the only Sjoggie that has a unruly brat lurking within her.

I used to be one of those women that took a multivitamin occasionally, popped a few Tylenol for aches and pains, but otherwise didn't take any medications regularly. Of course once SjS showed up, that changed drastically over the years. I keep my pill bottles in a corner of my pantry and those little white bottles seemed to multiply at an alarming rate.

One morning while my friend Karen was visiting, she watched with amusement as I opened each bottle, fished out each pill, and washed each one down individually. "Why on earth aren't you using one of those pill organizers? It sure would save a lot of time for you every morning."

Of course she was right. But - of course - BICJ surfaced yet again. "I'm not going to use one of those stupid things. Only old people use pill boxes! I'm not old yet!"

Good thing Karen couldn't see BICJ sticking her tongue out at her. Nyeah!

What an impossibly bratty inner child I have. I simply don't know what to do with her.

Luckily, the rational part of me was able to acknowledge that my buddy Karen, as always, simply had my best interests at heart and wasn't implying anything about my age. Especially since we were both born in the same year. And so I went out and picked up not one, but two week's worth of pill organizers.

So, BICJ........*stern glare*......there's a pile of pills in front of you. Here's some yummy juice. Now start swallowing.


Anonymous said...

I'm lucky, I don't have a lot of pills to take, only two each morning. And my painkiller in the day, but only if I need it.
What is exasperated me it's when I go on week end, to take the pills, painkiller, and maybe this or that in case I have a stomach problems, and that one too, and....
I need a suitcase just for the meds !

annie said...

I'm lucky so far that I'm only on a couple of pills daily, but I'm sure that will multiply as I keep seeing more "ologists" to deal with this disease. I'm also like you that I never used to take meds unless I had pain of some sort, and I'm still fighting the need to take all those prescribed to me. I see the effect of taking meds has done on my Dad, once you start with one, it seems to snowball until you need to take an overabundance of meds.

Heather said...

Julia: I'm completely with you!!!

I have to take a Mountain of pills in the morning and at night, and I have two of those pill organizers too.

And many times my inner child rebels.

More problematic, however, is the trouble I've been having swallowing. That seems to be the latest 'gift' from Sjs. I'm just delighted. (NOT) I'm seeing yet another doctor on Monday, because that's what we do, but *sigh* I'm getting really tired of body parts going wrong. And I really don't want even more pills.