Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Poem, Volume Two

Picture of Henry Gibson found here

Time for my second annual recitation of a poem, in honor of April being "Poetry month" AND "Sjogren's Awareness month". You can read last year's effort here.


Another poem about Sjogren's Syndrome. 
By Julia.

There once was a girl who was dry.
She went to a doc to ask why.
The doctor said, "Well.
Go to the lab for a spell.
And we'll find out why you have a dry eye."

The end.

Thank you.....thank you all....*dramatic bow*....No, really, thank YOU.

1 comment:

Jenny P said...

I LOVE it. I'm sharing with my family, we always have a soft spot for poems in the 'Nantucket' rhythm:D So multitalented, Julia!