Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peep Problems


I've been trying my darndest to craft a post which is crammed full of all kinds of useful information. In an unusually serious tone. With charts and diagrams and several links to reputable medical literature.

But it's just not happening, people. My brain just won't function today. Heck, my brain hasn't functioned properly ever since I bit into my first of many Peeps last weekend. I haven't been able to put together two reasonably coherent sentences ever since Easter.

I'm blaming it all on all those gooey yellow confections. I tried to Google Peep toxicity but came up with nothing. Then Peep overdose. Nada.

Ahh....I know. I can't blame all my cognitive deficiencies on sugar and marshmallow. There's oodles of other things that I can think of that could cause my brain lameness. I'll try my hardest tomorrow to focus on something other than candy.

BTW, Peeps are absolutely yummy if microwaved for just a few seconds. Just long enough for them to begin to puff and the marshmallow begins to get smooshy. Say, I'll bet I could score a zillion Peeps at all the Easter candy clearance sales for cheap........Now where are my car back in a minute, honey.......


Anonymous said...

You really are a sugar addict Julia ? Or it's just an impression ?

Julia Oleinik said...

hehe. Yes. Sugar is definitely my addiction!