Friday, April 16, 2010

Pass The Kleenex, Please

I hab a kowd. Sniff. Snark.



Y'all hab a gd weeked.


annie said...

It's nice to see that our pets take care of us when we need a special hug, just like we take care of them. Keep well.

Jenny P said...

I hab aldergies myself. I think I should buy stock in tissue companies, get some return on my investment. Is your dog afraid of you or something? Mine lays against me whenever possible (easier to stomp on the keyboard if I'm ignoring her). Cute bows on your slippers, that must help. Feel better (by the way, I hear chocolate cake heals all illnesses, I think you should test this theory)!

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks, guys.

My dog Maggie is trying to encourage me to get off my butt and take her for a walk. It's so not working.

Chocolate cake.....drool.................