Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interpret This Dream, Please

As per usual, after my vay-kay, I'm spending a great deal of time napping to recharge those ol' batteries.

Can I blame the following episode on brain fog? Or just plain old garden variety Julia strangeness?

I was snoozing away this afternoon, and was having one of my stranger dreams. In it, I was blissfully chomping salty, flavorful potato chips. I could smell and taste them in intense clarity. Mmmmmm. Then things got weird as I began in my dream to try to find something. I don't remember what, but it seemed to be something very important. I became incredibly frustrated because my vision gradually became more and more blurred, until it seemed as though my eyes were coated with vaseline.

The phone rang and I groggily realized with relief that I had been dreaming. Still half asleep, I had what seemed to be a brilliant idea at the time:

Hey....I should sleep with my glasses on so that I can always see clearly when I dream.

Then started rummaging around in the pantry to see if a package of potato chips had miraculously appeared while we were gone.

Um.....I think those old batteries aren't charged up yet.

'Night, all.

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