Monday, April 5, 2010

After The Party's Over...

Well, it's pretty quiet at my house this morning.

The kids have packed up and headed back to jobs and apartments and friends. I've crammed numerous tupperware containers filled with leftover ham and chocolate and lemonade cake into their cars. John has headed out the door, briefcase in hand and completely engaged in a back-to-work frame of mind.

Which leaves me and the schnauzers and Sammy dog looking at each other this morning and wondering why the party had to end. We know that like all good things, holidays have a distinct beginning and end, but dang. They're great while they last.

Ah, well. It's probably a good thing. Time for me to to rest and recharge. And take some serious time to digest the peeps and malted milk balls. AND get back on track with a healthy diet.

Oh, hey! A leftover jelly bean.....

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