Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where's My Rabbit Hole?

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Did you ever watch a movie and then, afterwards, as the credits are rolling, try to insert yourself into the moral of the story? As in, so what is this movie trying to tell ME? And if so, should I pay attention?

I know - it's my giant ego. Everything always seems to be about me. Of course.

We saw Alice in Wonderland recently. In 3-D, which would have left some of my motion-sickness inclined buddies barfing within minutes after the opening sequence. But I enjoyed the film a great deal, once I became strangely accustomed to very bizarre characters and a slightly creepy feel to what I once considered a lighthearted children's story. And how did they get Johnny Depp's teeth to be all gappy?

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The moral of this movie was smack dab in your face obvious - a to thine own self be true message. That part was easy.

But I found myself thinking about the rabbit hole that Alice found at such a convenient time - the exact moment when she would make a life-changing decision. Through all the action and adventure and confusion that followed her dramatic fall into a new world, she was allowed an opportunity to step back and away from reality, and in doing so was afforded an opportunity to see her decision in a wholly different light.

Wouldn't it be nice if we all had a rabbit hole somewhere? Not that I'd enjoy Lewis Carroll's wonderland - I would opt for a drop into something a little more sane, perhaps a stroll around foggy London with Sherlock Holmes, or maybe a tour of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. Wait - did I just imply that the oompa loompas were sane?

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