Friday, January 22, 2010

Workaholic Blogging

I love the blogosphere.

For nosy folks people with varied interests such as myself, there's a whole virtual world out there that allows a peek into an amazing array of lives.

My favorite blog heroine is Ree Drummond, who writes The Pioneer Woman. I've been reading her stuff for years, and it's exciting to see how her blog has gone viral. And why not? What's not to love about a New York City ballerina who marries a rancher and, as she says, trades her high heels for cowboy boots? She also has written a cookbook, home schools their four kids, hops in the ranch truck each morning with the Marlboro Man, as she calls her hubby, to take care of things in general on the ranch, has a wicked sense of humor, and documents everything beautifully in amazingly gorgeous photographs.

Then there's Not So Humble Pie. Mrs. Humble describes herself as "just your typical nerdy biological anthropologist turned stay at home mom and baker of sometimes strange goodies." My favorite post so far is the one in which she makes Drosophela - or fruit fly cookies.

Although the Wii controller cookies run a pretty close second:

Doc Gurley writes an amazing blog. She's a board-certified internist physician and is proud of the fact that she is the only Harvard Medical School graduate to be awarded the Shoney ten step pin for documented excellence in waitressing. She writes with a razor sharp sense of humor but also with the perspective of someone who is truly on the front lines of the healthcare delivery system. Among others Doc Gurley's clients include some of the homeless population in San Francisco, and her views on the United State's healthcare provide a very knowledgeable take on the merits and deficits of our current programs. She also writes on those day to day health issues that we all have, such as the lost tampon. In her spare time, she also raises her kids, works full time, AND writes for the San Francisco Chronicle. Go read this blog, and get ready to be educated while laughing so hard you'll fall off your chair.

Oh, and you can't miss a trip to Bakerella's blog. A word of caution, though: Don't visit this site on an empty stomach. You'll find yourself in the car on the way to your nearest source of frosting in seconds. Drool......
Two words: Cake. Balls.

Ooo, ooo - you've got to check out Cake Wrecks - When Professional Cakes Go Horribly, Hilariously Wrong. Here's a sample:

Yes. That is indeed what you think it is.

Sigh. What a bunch of over-achiever blog writers. God love 'em - but they all are ripping along through life as doctors, biochemists, bakers, and heaven knows what else. How do they find time to rip out these excellent posts on top of their other achievements? I surely am mystified how they find the time or energy, but I am so glad that they do.

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