Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reporting for duty, Ma'am.

I had an interesting discussion the other day with a woman who is dealing with some health issues, and although they aren't autoimmune, are equally as frustrating and difficult for her. Because of these problems, she decided to quit working. Sounds familiar.

She made a comment that I thought was very insightful. She said, "After I quit working, I decided that my new job was going to become taking good care of myself. I have to think about it that way so that I pay serious attention to eating right and getting exercise. It's kind of like knowing that in any job, you have to show up every day ready to work. So I've been reporting for duty every day in my new job to become more healthy."

I really admire that attitude. I have decided that I'm going to shamelessly yoink this concept and make it my own New Year's resolution.

I'll bet that it will take a while before I settle into this new mind-set, but I think it will certainly be worth the effort. Wonder what title I should give my new job?

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Jazzcat said...

Hi !
That's a good idea to start the year !! I think a lot of people, even those in good health, should think like that. Being healthy is a difficult job !

My Own Best Friend said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the link to the image. I read that page, too, and enjoyed that info.

Best wishes for a healthy and comfortable 2010.