Monday, November 16, 2009

Needs No Explanation

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I have absolutely no excuse for not exercising.



Jenny P said...

I know you meant that with a grain of humor, but see I think that right there captures one of the main invisible illness problems. Trying to get the world to realize that just because someone "worse" off (and that's a VERY subjective perspective) can accomplish something doesn't mean I'm not trying. Apparently the rest of that runner's body works great, he doesn't have to worry about the impact on his knees, hips and spine; the excessively high pulse exercise will bring on and the following uncontrollable blood pressure drop; the crippling exhaustion. I don't want to trade places with him, but I don't see his victory as a sign of my failing!

(Sorry had to get that out. Between us sickies I do feel guilty as sin when I see things like that too.:) )

Julia Oleinik said...

Hi Jenny - what a great observation. Your insightful comments regarding the difficulties that accompany exercise programs for persons with autoimmune issues are spot on.

But seeing as I can only speak for my own personal experiences here, I do find myself using my illness as an excuse to avoid exercising, simply because I can't exercise the way that I used to before AI. And change is hard.

I was accustomed to getting up at the crack of dawn and putting in four miles before I headed out to work. Since that isn't even remotely feasible anymore, I find myself throwing up my hands in defeat. Can't do my old exercise routine? Well, then, I won't do any at all!

But then that's just me being my usual all-or-nothing self. And me being my usual lazybutt self. Smile.

Jenny P said...

I get that. I mean, God knows I was never a big exerciser to begin with, but I did insist on continuing to do color guard in high school even though it was probably detrimental to my longterm health, and I'm doing the same thing you are with exercise now, except it's with losing weight. I used to be more motivated to eat better/less or be more physical when I was only upset about a few pounds, but now that I find myself - well, significantly overweight to say the least, I just throw my hands up (and grab the oreos as they come back down). I just seem to have given up already. I guess we're a lazybutt club:)