Friday, November 13, 2009

H1N1 Update

Do you have questions about H1N1  - swine flu - and the H1N1vaccine? Head over to Doc Gurley's site and read more about it. Bottom line? H1N1 is truly a pandemic, and yes, the vaccine is safe. Go read it.

Image by enimal


annie said...

Hi Julia,
I, for one, will not be taking the flu shot (H1N1). This a personal choice because I am more afraid of side effects than of getting the flu. I know there are no side effects (so they say), but I have reactions to all meds, including my Synthroid, which I have been taking for the past few years. I get an immediate reaction, light-headedness, pain in the head, and then stomach and breathing difficulties. My rheumatologist also did not recommend it for me. Many people with cfs/fms and autoimmune diseases have chemical sensitivities, and have adverse reactions to various environmental, food and drugs. I hope to stay well this winter season!

Julia Oleinik said...

Thanks for your perspective and reminder of chemical sensitivities, Annie! You are right - this immunization is not for everyone. Vigilant hand washing and other basic anti-infection procedures are valuable tools in avoiding the flu, too.