Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chugging Along


Thanksgiving has come and gone and it's time yet again for me to make my post-holiday whineybutt blog confession.

Yes. The I'm eating sensibly and organically and low-sugar low-fat train has jumped the tracks. It has crashed and burned and the wheels have come off. Whoooooeeeeeee. This year's derailment was a real beaut. And, like after every major holiday, here I am, bloated and bewildered. I thought I had it all under control. Silly Julia.

I prepared our Thanksgiving dinner with as many organic and healthy products as our budget would allow. We had organic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams, apple cider, cranberry sauce, and even had organic soda pop available. I bought organic breads and turkey broth to make our turkey's stuffing. Organic apples and pumpkin and milk were the ingredients for apple and pumpkin pie, topped with organic whipped cream just barely sweetened with organic cane sugar and served alongside steaming cups of organically grown coffee.

I went through mental calisthenics to get my willpower in shape for the big event, and just before all my guests arrived, I felt reasonably certain that this year I would avoid a high calorie and wheat overload train wreck.


Then all of my dear family and friends began to arrive, and with them came a mouth watering contributions to the meal. I was a goner as soon as the parade began: muffins and pastries and cheesecake and grandma's Louisiana sweet potato pie and chocolate pecan pie and cookies and.......oh my.

But we had a fabulous gathering and the festivities went on for a full three days, leaving me bloated but also profoundly thankful for the people with which God has enriched my life. *contented sigh*

I did learn one thing from previous holidays, and that is to send each and every guest out the door with as many leftovers as they and their vehicles could carry. This year, as I am making my blogosphere confession, at least my house and pantry is leftover free.

I am resolved: back on the healthy eating express.

Until the next holiday arrives.

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Julia Oleinik said...

Happiness and laughter - Amen!!