Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cheek to Cheek

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I saw an interview last night on television given by George Wendt, the gentleman that played Norm on the comedy Cheers.

He commented on his years as part of the cast by saying that aside from his trademark entrance into the bar, he spent the entire show sitting on his keester. He chortled when he said that his only exercise during filming was to shift from one butt cheek to the other when they needed different camera angles.

Hey, Norm, I know how you feel. There are certainly those days when it seems all I do is shift from one cheek to the other. Except I'm on my couch instead of a barstool. Here's some of my favorite Norm-isms from the show:

Norm: I wish I had time for a hobby.
Cliff: Norm, you've got time to make your own coal.

Norm: Next to Sammy's life, my life has always appeared dull. Then again, next to a barnacle's life, my life has always appeared dull.

Woody: How's it going, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: It's a dog eat dog out there, Woody, and I'm wearing MilkBone underwear.

You can read more about Norm and Cheers here.

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