Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who, Me?

America's Most Wanted: Case K9

Perpetrator: Lulu. AKA Puppy Poopsie Doop, AKA Baby Furball, AKA TP Trasher.

Do not be fooled by this deceptively guileless schnauzer face. Behind this fuzzy facade lies a ruthless toilet paper shredding maniac.

She is dangerously skilled in feigning innocence and repentance for her vicious attacks.

Accomplices: include Maggie, AKA Mag The Moo Moo, AKA Mini Mag.

Approach this dangerous duo with caution.

Reward for capture and incarceration offered by Charmin.

1 comment:

TRONMomma said...

I just have to tell you that she is the most adorable culprit ever! I'm so glad you include the fun sweet parts of life in with the perhaps less-than-fun, ok, outright stinky, parts. I too have Sjogrens (as well as lupus and type 1 diabetes) and I love to read your posts, and find a comrade who understands, but also doesn't get bogged down with bad. Thank you!