Saturday, July 18, 2009

You're A Shining Star

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John and I attended an Earth Wind And Fire/ Chicago concert tonight, and what a trip down memory lane that was.

I first heard Chicago in concert in September of 1975. I was eighteen and a college freshman. My outfit consisted of a halter top, denim short shorts with a rainbow colored peace sign appliqued to my butt pocket, and a macrame beaded belt.

It was an outfit that I would never let my daughters wear.

Tonight, I wore capri pants and golf shirt, but I did allow myself to go wild with a pair of dangly earrings.


The music was wonderful and both bands played all the tunes that I remember as my favorites. The remaining original band members still have pretty good chops for old guys.

The only distraction of the evening was provided by an annoying lady jiggling and dancing in front of me with her eyes half closed and a smug "damn, I'm hot," smile plastered on her face. Someone really should have told her, "Girl - things aren't shakin' like they used to....."


I knew that it would be prudent for me to conserve my energy and be content with geriatric sittercize type dancing but I just couldn't contain myself when Shining Star erupted. I leapt to my feet and sang and grooved right along with Annoying Lady.

Lord have mercy.

I left the concert tired and hoarse but nostalgically happy. I know that I'll pay for my shenanigans tomorrow, but sometimes you just have to dance.

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