Monday, July 6, 2009

Time For Elastic Waistbands....

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I have a hangover. No, not the kind from indulging in large amounts of alcohol.

I'm experiencing a sugar-butter-salt-calorie hangover. Our family and friends celebrated the Fourth of July starting on July first and didn't stop until this morning, when my son headed back home.

I don't know why, but it seems that I use any holiday imaginable to provide an excuse to eat snacks and treats that are calorie laden and bad bad bad for me.

There's the usual holidays: Christmas, New Year's, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Halloween, Easter and all the usual holiday goodies that accompany them....... but then there's also Take Your Kid To Work Day. I don't work and my kids actually all have jobs of their own, but hey - it still calls for cupcakes. And what about Secretaries' Day? I require a box of chocolates even though I never have and probably never will be a secretary or employ one.

Earth Day just screams for cute cutout sugar cookies frosted with green icing. Then along comes, well, um, Maggie the dog's birthday. I'm pretty sure she would want me to celebrate with a slice of cheesecake, since of course dogs can't eat chocolate.

The month of July alone has several mandatory celebratory opportunities including National Hot Dog Day, July 18th; National Gummy Worm Day, July 15th; National Ice Cream Day, July 19th; National Lollipop Day, July 20th; National Drive-Through Day, July 24th; and my favorite, National Milk Chocolate Day, July 28th.

It would be downright unpatriotic not to celebrate.

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