Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gnome Transformation

This summer found Norman, my garden gnome, in terrible shape. He was a gift to me from Terese for my fiftieth birthday. I felt awful when I saw his peeling paint and cruelly cracked little body.

Usually so cheerful, I couldn't help but notice him becoming increasingly cranky and moody lately. Here he won't even look at me or my camera. Aw, c'mon Norman, old buddy. Give us a smile.

"No!", he said.

I can't explain why his paint has deteriorated so badly after only two years. He is, after all, a garden gnome, known for their hardiness. But I do have to shoulder some blame for the poor guy's cracks. I left him outdoors two winters ago during a bout of freezing weather and he didn't tolerate the extreme change in temperatures. He has been harboring a grudge against me ever since. I can't say that I blame him.

It was time to give Norman an extreme gnome makeover. With the help of some friends and after a trip to the craft store, the magic began.

We started with a bath. He didn't like it a bit. Norman told me that it was undignified.

After some sanding to smooth the rough bits, Sarah began the transformation with deft brushstrokes.

It was a task that required some serious attention to detail. Thank goodness for her steady hand and keen eyesight. Here he receives a new set of beautiful blue eyes. The little rascal told me he was glad that I wasn't the one painting, since he was afraid that I'd make him cross-eyed. Such impertinence.

Norman promised to hold still. I think he enjoyed all the attention from an attractive young lady. As his appearance improved, so did Norman's disposition. He even became involved in some of the decisions, requesting a black belt instead of his original white one. He felt that it made him look more assertive, and provided greater contrast to his snowy white beard.

We thought so, too.

Looking good, my little gnome friend. Am I forgiven? Judging from his smile, I suspect that I am back in Norman's good graces.

Hm. I would probably benefit from a makeover like Norman's. Too bad it wouldn't be as easy as a bath and a new coat of paint.

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Wendy said...

Delightful story, marvelous photos!