Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dad's Day

Dad on his John Deere

Sorry, guys, this bug - whatever it is - really has me whipped. I have graduated from NyQuil to Zithromax and Sudafed.

But I don't want it let me keep me from posting about Father's day tomorrow. Whenever one of my kids have a difficult task ahead of them, I always whip out the Grampa S., my dad's, speech. They know it. They love it. They've heard it a zillion times, but it's a goodie.

It goes something along these lines:

Nobody in the whole world is better than you are. Nobody.

Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time.

Decide what you want to be, then go be the best there is, no matter what you choose. If you want to be a street sweeper, then be the best street sweeper.

Go after it like you're killing snakes!

And my personal favorite -

Give 'em hell!

Happy Father's Day to all those great dads out there.

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